Troels Joergensen - Willing To Die 2021


If I leave you behind, I will keep you in mind

The second solo album from Troels Joergensen entitled “Willing to Die”, is thematically centered around the loss of a soul mate and a band colleague, who chose to take his own life in 2016. Six out of the seven songs on the album, are personal accounts of his loss and the thoughts and emotions that followed the death of the close friend Heinzz. Despite this context, the album is to a large extent, a life-affirming acquaintance.

Willing to die
Genre and sound-wise, the album maneuvers around the musical expressions, which Troels have released during his career. The listener will be taken through power pop to laid back and low key singer-songwriter based tunes and move onto a rattled alternative rock vibe. Everything is tied together by songs in which the melodic touch is unmistakable, and a band that elevates the sound with both resilience and edge.